As taught by
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Transcendental Meditation


When you practise Transcendental Meditation (TM), oxygen consumption falls twice as much as during deepest sleep. Here lies the key to TM’s ability to reduce the impact of stress on the nervous system. Even deep-rooted stress accumulated over time, that compromises your ability to achieve your goals in life, is eliminated. Transcendental Meditation's uniquely profound state of rest brings into play the body’s natural repair mechanisms, resulting in resilience and vitality for the whole system.

What happens when I meditate?

Sitting in a comfortable chair, you close your eyes and practise the technique as you have been instructed. Gradually the mind settles down. As if you are diving down below the waves of the ocean, you find the silent depths which perpetually underlie and support the surface activity of the mind.

TM is the most natural system of meditation that exists. Its practice requires no effort nor any special ability or aptitude. Anyone can do it, and people from all walks of life do. TM utilises the natural ability of the mind to access its silent source. Remember that holiday in the mountains where you sat by the lake and everything was perfect? That healing state of inner peace is available for the asking, just a few seconds away after you’ve closed your eyes and begun your meditation. You don’t have to go anywhere for it. And when you’ve been meditating for some time, the peace is always there.

Does this mean I become passive?

No! You become more dynamic. But your increased inner stability means situations don't catch you off balance. You’re not passive; you’re in control.
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