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Transcendental Meditation


What is TM? If you were to ask a few people who practise TM what it actually is, you would probably get a number of different replies. One person might say, ‘I have high blood pressure and it was recommended to me by my doctor so it is my antihypertensive practice’. A businessman might call it his ‘personal productivity tool’. An artist might describe it as the way to unlock creativity. For other people it may be a stress management technique, a natural progression from yoga, or a way to experience balance and harmony and live more in tune with Nature.

The truth is that it doesn’t matter how you describe TM. The main thing to understand is that it is an experience. It is an experience of the quietest level of your own mind. It is the state that you reach when all the busy activity of every day thinking has settled down and come to rest, where the mind is awake but non-active. This is your Self.

The benefits from TM come from regularity of the practice: normally two 20-minute sessions each day. And for most people it works to do the morning one as part of a getting up routine, and the evening one late afternoon or early evening. However these are not hard and fast rules and you can fit it in according to your own routine and circumstances.

Most of us spend our entire lives being busy, busy, busy, with so many responsibilities and demands on our time that it may sometimes be hard to find time for ourselves. Two regular periods of meditation each day will give you a chance to settle down and recharge your batteries, and in doing so bring perspective and balance to life.

Although the words Transcendental Meditation sound fairly complicated, in fact TM is very easy. It is easier to do than to say! The practice really involves learning how not to interfere with a natural tendency that the mind already has. This effortlessness and naturalness is the key to its effectiveness.

Here are some comments from a few local meditators.

Some people know that they want to learn TM immediately but others prefer to do some reading around the subject, talk to others, and come to their own conclusion over a period of time. In fact it was about six months after I first heard about TM that I took the course. So there is never any feeling that it is not alright to take time.

I am very happy to have a chat, answer any questions you may have, send you information, whatever it is that you want. In this way you can decide if the time is right for you to take a course.

Course Fees

It is an inescapable fact that in this country there is a huge variation in people’s ability to pay. In recognition of this, the Trustees of Maharishi Foundation, the charity that teaches TM in the UK, have developed a scale of fees based on gross income. In this way people on higher incomes pay more and those on lower incomes pay less. We do not ask to see payslips or anything, but simply rely on your integrity.

If you are in one of the higher categories you are helping to support those with less resources. Here are the fees:

  • Earning over £40,000 – £590
  • Earning over £25,000 – £490
  • Earning over £15,000 – £390
  • Earning less than £15,000 – £290
  • On universal credit, state pension only or similar or full-time students with NUS card or similar School children – £190.
  • Under 10 – 25% of main parent’s fee.

There are special rates for families.

The Course

Once you have been to an introductory talk (or watched it online) and we’ve had a chance to have a one to one chat, you are ready to learn. This takes place in four more sessions which are held on consecutive days, each taking about 90 mins to 2 hours.

By this time you know how to meditate and you have everything you need to practise successfully at home and gain the benefits. However we recommend that you stay in regular contact with your teacher for the first 3-6 months of meditation just to check that you are enjoying the practice and deriving the benefits. This is included in the course fee that you pay to learn, and would normally be one short session every 3-4 weeks.

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Transcendental Meditation, founded by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, is a programme for the Development of Consciousness which, in the UK, is available only from Maharishi Foundation, registered educational charity number 270157. Please note that no other organisation in the UK offers courses in Transcendental Meditation, as taught by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.